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  • Fri Feb 28, 2014Do you ever move your settler?

    Does moving your first Settler ruin your chance to win a game of Civ? Read about how the team answered the question in the Escapist, and in our latest Dev Blog!​...Read More

  • Fri Feb 7, 2014XCOM: Enemy Within wins DICE Award for Best Strategy Game

    ​XCOM Enemy Within was the winner of the 2014 DICE Award for Best Strategy/Simulation Game! Lead Designer Ananda Gupta accepted the award on behalf of the team. Civilization V: Brave New World was also nominated in the category of Best Strategy Game. Congratulations to both teams!...Read More

  • Fri Apr 5, 2013New Dev Blog! Garth DeAngelis reports on GDC

    ​XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s Lead Producer, Garth DeAngelis, steps up to the Dev Blog and delivers his report on this year’s Game Developer Conference. Garth and a small cadre from Firaxis made the trek out to San Francisco to meet with other developers, attend some sessions, and talk seriously about having a g...Read More

  • Tue Apr 2, 2013XCOM Commanders: Jake Solomon and Julian Gollop interviewed

    During GDC, Adam Sessler of Rev3Games sat down with the legendary Julian Gollop - designer of 1994’s X-COM: UFO Defense - and Jake Solomon - designer of 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This was the first time the two have talked about the franchise in person. What did Julian think of XCOM: Enemy Unkno...Read More

  • Tue Apr 2, 2013Haunted Hollow coverage at GDC

    ​Haunted Hollow designers David McDonough and Will Miller were at GDC this past week sharing Firaxis’ new iOS strategy game with journalists. In Haunted Hollow, players build up a spooky mansion and send monsters into town to terrify the tiny townsfolk. Haunted Hollow is scheduled for a global launch later this...Read More

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Wed Mar 27, 2013


XCOM:Enemy Unknown nominated for Game of the Year and Best Game Design

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