• Mantle Multi-GPU for Civilization: Beyond Earth

    Fri Oct 24, 2014By Site Administrator

    Written by John Kloetzli One of the less publicized advantages of AMD’s Mantle API is how it exposes explicit control over all GPUs in a machine to the game developer. This affects customers who physically link two GPUs, using technologies like AMD Crossfire, as well as the high-end graphics cards that contain...Read More

  • Favorite Moments from our First E3

    Mon Jun 30, 2014By Site Administrator

    The Civilization series is one steeped in tradition. Each game and expansion is based on iterating on and refining gameplay – focusing on the fun aspects of the previous entry as well as adding new systems, features and gameplay twists. Civilization: Beyond Earth follows in these footsteps and introduc...Read More

  • Why We Went With Mantle

    Mon Apr 28, 2014By Site Administrator

    Civilization graphic engineers Josh Barczak and John Kloetzli introduce AMD’s Mantle API, and explain why Firaxis is supporting Mantle with Civilization: Beyond Earth. 0.  What is Mantle?A “Graphics API” (Application Programming Interface) is a protocol that rendering engines use to send comma...Read More

  • Do you ever move your settler?

    Fri Feb 28, 2014By Site Administrator

    An average game of Civilization V lasts for hundreds of turns. Starting from a single settler, a player builds his first city, before spreading his nation over the landscape. By the end of the game, the player’s civilization spans continents, oozes culture, peels back the hidden secrets of nature, conquers all, and b...Read More

  • Firaxis at GDC 2013

    Fri Apr 5, 2013By Site Administrator

    Garth DeAngelis, Lead Producer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is just back from this year’s Game Developer Conference​ and brings you this report. The Game Developer’s Conference: an annual convergence of developers, executives, independents, investors and journalists to meet, learn, and wax philosophical on all t...Read More